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Opportunity Details

Opportunity Details

Youth Sports Coach Volunteers

The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Downtown Division is currently recruiting 16 volunteer youth coaches and 1 league director for their youth soccer league at Encanto Sports Complex. Age groups range from 3-10 years of age (broken down every two years). Specific soccer knowledge is minimally required and can be taught. February 27th - May 3rd

Practice: Tuesdays 6-8pm
Games: Thursdays 6-8pm

Organize one practice and one game a week. Practices will be held on Tuesdays. Games will be held on Thursdays. Both practices and games will be from either 6-7p or 7-8p (depending on the age group).

Teach the most fundamental skills of soccer (kick, pass, dribble and not use hands). Coaches are not required to teach plays. Just let the kids run up and down the field safely without running into, pushing and kicking each other. Other than the goalie, field positioning is not officiated.

Coaches are also the on-field game officials during game play for the season.
Responsible for the safety and actions of their players. Instill sportsmanship, fair play, and fun. While injuries are a part of any sport, many can be avoided.

Organize practices/games, proper stretching/warm-ups, and control of player's emotions on and off the field to minimize the possibility of injury.

Be on time at all practices and games or find a replacement that is acceptable by the Parks and Recreation Department standards.

Provide a safe environment for practice and games by checking the condition of fields and equipment each day.

Examine all fields prior to each game for unexpected hazards.

Notify the Parks and Recreation Department as soon as possible the next working day to report any hazards.

Teach skills in developmentally appropriate stages.

Enforce all City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department policies and rules.

Be responsible for the children until they are turned over to a parent or guardian before leaving the field/gym.

Report any problems with fields, equipment, player behavior, parent behavior, or officials to the Parks and Recreation Department.
Abide by all officials' decisions.

Be accessible by phone or email.

Have a desire to work with children, enthusiasm, patience, organization, maturity, dependability, and be responsible.
Be 18 years old and have a high school diploma.

Be available at the times when games, practices, and meetings are held.
Minimum Age:
Volunteer Type:
    Adult (18 - 64)
Sponsoring Organization:
     Parks and Recreation Department

2121 N 15th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85007


Additional Requirements:
Be fingerprinted/background checked and attend the necessary coaches' meetings.
Regular attendance at scheduled practices and games.
Regular attendance at parent/coaches meetings upon notification.
Communicate program information to parents and players.
Promptly relay all league information to players and parents.
Relay concerns, comments, and suggestions to the League Director.
Communicate with parents any situations (positive as well as negative) you may encounter while coaching their child.

Contact Information

Anissa Edouard
Managment Assistant II
(602) 262-6864